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What can DAX help you secure?

Academic Classes

DAX automates unlocking and securing classrooms, labs, and exterior doors based on your existing academic schedules, eliminating hundreds of hours of manual schedule programming per semester, reducing building open hours, and helping you create a more secure campus.

DAX integrates seamlessly with:

Events and Conferences

DAX can automate unlocking spaces as well as assigning temporary access to event organizers/attendees for non-academic events like conferences, meetings, and special events. With DAX communicating in near-real-time to your event management and card access systems, last-minute events, on-demand bookings, and cancellations are no problem.

DAX integrates seamlessly with:

Housing Contracts

DAX automates card access privileges for student housing by using an intelligent access engine to determine the correct access to assign – by room, suite, floor, building, etc.

DAX automates the time-consuming and error-prone manual programming that is often required to handle early check-ins, late check-outs, room swaps, and more complex scenarios such as temporary quarantine housing.

DAX integrates seamlessly with:

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Intelligent Door Control

DAX seamlessly integrates your existing event and room management system with your card access/access control system to automate unlocking and securing spaces on campus, replacing time-consuming, error-prone daily/weekly event reports and manual programming with highly configurable, intelligent automation. DAX provides you with the confidence that comes with knowing you can expect predictable responses to unplanned events and that Campus Safety/Police are always able to take control from DAX immediately, if needed.

  • Rooms unlock/secure based on event schedules
  • Configurable pre-/post- event timing
  • Near-real-time processing of events, including last minute bookings and cancellations
  • Comprehensive auditing and reporting
  • Configurable overrides (e.g., weather emergency, lockdown)

Unparalleled Security Through Intelligent Integration

Intelligent Access Assignment

Allowing your population to self-book spaces increases engagement, improves user experience, and offloads the resource-intensive task of scheduling thousands of reservations annually.  Unfortunately, manually assigning access levels based on reservation reports or emails requires significant time and is prone to error. DAX intelligently automates the assignment of temporary access for reservations, allowing you to secure and track access to shared spaces throughout the day with no required lead-times. If a student books a room for a last-minute study group, they will have access by the time they reach the room!

Unparalleled Security Through Intelligent Integration